Video mapping on Casa Batlló to celebrate 10 years of cultural visits.
The Casa Batllo Gaudi building is the most inspired legends since the architect rehabilitated, between 1904 y 1906. Since then, the locals know it by many names: ‘the house of bones’, by columns shaped fibula in the gallery of the first floor; ‘the house of yawns’, by the windows that look great gaping mouths; ‘the house of the masks’, by the silhouette of the cast-iron balconies, y ‘dragon house ‘, a clear representation of the legend of Saiandt George on the back of this fabulous animal resting on the roof.

Client_ La Casa Batlló
Direction_ Nueveojos
Production_ Athenea Harrington, Jessica Bonet
Stage Management_ Cristina Sánchez
Motion Graphics_ Pol Solà, Joan Molins
3D_ Oscar Palma, Ignacio Mullor, Hugo Ors, Dani Fornaguera
Illustration_ Julien Telle
Music_ Luis Miguel Cobo
Technical Engineering_ Baf